World of Treasures

about us
Established in 2004, World of Treasures Imports is dedicated to developing, discovering and bringing the world’s finest in decorative leathers, hair-on-hides and sheepskin concepts to the best “fashion forward” interior designers, fashion design houses, furniture manufacturers and home accent stores. We are constantly striving to inspire the senses and bring fresh, new products into your market place.

World of Treasures Imports sets the trends, we never follow them…

Our style and taste reflect refined sophistication and beauty. Our philosophy—beautiful home décor items belong in each and every home, hotel and business—beautiful garments, handbags and accessories should adorn every closet. Our ultimate goal is to help you achieve this for your current and future customer base.

We not only offer high-end quality products that focus on beauty and fashion, but they create brave, fresh, new and chic ideas as well. Most importantly, our designs form the best ambience for any style— be it contemporary, classic or traditional.

Our product designs can be found in a hip New York City loft, in a cool Malibu cottage or tucked away in a rugged mountain retreat. They can also be found in the finest estates, hotels and lodges located around the globe.
We have traveled the world, carefully researched and selected only the most reputable and dedicated tanneries to bring you numerous unique and cutting-edge décor variations to choose from.

Our paramount dedication is to YOUR vision of style. We offer our customers the ability to create their own exclusive design concepts. We will guide you and be on-point, blazing your product designs through all phases from concept, mock-up, production, quality control and distribution. We will help you create your own world of treasures…