World of Treasures

bovine line (hair on hides)

World of Treasures Imports introduced its bovine line collection in the spring of 2006. We carefully researched and selected only the most reputable and dedicated tanneries to bring you hides of the highest furniture-grade quality.

We offer natural, stenciled and dyed hides. We have the patched/stitched cowhide rugs that can be designed in any color, any size combination. We offer cowhide pillows in standard sizing as well as custom sizing. Pillows can be double-sided or single-sided with corresponding cloth, micro-suede or leather backing.

We also offer a high-end designer line of cowhides that are laser-etched and/or pressed in various patterns. Our designer line also comes in whole hides, patched/stitched rugs and pillows.

Cowhides are not all tanned the same
Chromium tanning has long been known to produce the best tanned cowhides. A properly tanned cowhide should last for 10+ years, never cracking or shedding during this time.

Chromium tanning is high-tech and expensive. As a result, most countries do not tan their hides this way. Even when the chromium tanning process is used, often times the results are unsatisfactory since it is such a difficult process as compared to more conventional forms of tanning. The use of other tanning processes other than chromium tanning can and does result in an unpleasant scent on the hide. Chromium tanning allows the natural leather scent to remain present in the hide.

Often, bovine hide buyers will purchase a low-end/low-priced, non-chromium tanned cowhides that will crack or shed in just a few short years and have an unpleasant odor. Unfortunately, many people do not know the difference between the various tanning processes that hides go through and that all hides are NOT all the same.

Our cowhides are all hand-selected
We travel world-wide every 3-4 months and hand-select our cowhide inventory. We choose each hide based on quality (minimal scarring, patching), size and color.

Care for cowhide products
Cowhides require minimal upkeep. Other than periodic vacuuming, soap and water on a sponge is generally all that any cowhide product will ever need. The key is not to let cowhides get soaking wet. As with any area rug, spraying hides with Scotch Guard or a similar type product will help keep it clean. Check with a local carpet cleaner for suggestions.

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