World of Treasures

care instructions


Machine or hand wash in cold or warm water (water not to exceed 100 degrees Fahrenheit). We recommend the use of Pure Castile, biodegradable camp soaps or Eucalan Wool wash: Do not use Woolite or laundry detergents such as Tide.

Spot cleaning is possible with a moist cloth and mild soap. You may also use Spot Shot.

Line dry or dry flat and stretch to shape while damp. For best results, the sheepskin should be brushed with a wire brush when wet, when damp and then when dry. Do not tumble dry your sheepskin.

Sheepskins may also be drycleaned using either white spirits, hydrocarbon or perchlorethylene.

Severe heat will damage sheepskins resulting in shrinking and hardening of the pelts.

As stated above, please only use detergents which are non-alkaline, non-iconic and do not contain biological enzymes. Bleach / enzymes degrade the tanned leather causing damage to the sheepskin.

Your carefully selected sheepskin may have been tightly packaged for the journey home and so the wool may appear flattened. Wool fibres are very resilient and will bounce back to their original springy appearance. A vigorous shake will help restore the soft, fluffy appearance of the wool. Any fold marks from packaging will disappear once the skin has been removed from the package for several days.


Should you wish to store your Sheepskin at any time, place it in a cool airy place avoiding direct sunlight. Packaging in plastic bags for an extended period of time is not recommended as the Sheepskin fibres will not breathe and condensation may occur in warm conditions.